• The Stallion's Dance

    The Stallion’s Dance

  • 4 Year Old Indio

    4 Year Old Indio

  • Following His Heart

    Following His Heart

  • Desert Run

    Desert Run

  • Raw Courage

    Raw Courage

  • Fly Like the Wind

    Fly Like the Wind

  • Gentle Gabby

    Gentle Gabby

  • All That Jazz II

    All That Jazz II

  • All That Jazz I

    All That Jazz I

  • Spanish Power

    Spanish Power

  • Oran's Gold Fortune

    Oran’s Gold Fortune

  • Gathering Power

    Gathering His Power

  • Forever Free

    Forever Free

  • Iconic


  • Into the Limelight

    Into the Limelight

  • Lusitano Power

    Lusitano Power

  • Afternoon Delight

    Afternoon Delight

  • The Spirit of Fiona

    The Spirit of Fiona

  • Out From the Mist

    Out From the Mist

  • Derby Sunshine

    Portrait of Derby Sunshine

  • Looking to the Future

    Looking to the Future

  • Portrait of Spirit

    Portrait of Spirit

  • The Best Ride Ever

    The Best Ride Ever

  • Approaching Storm

    Approaching Storm

  • Power-in-Motion

    Power in Motion

  • Loxley's Pride

    Loxley’s Pride

  • Focused to Win

    Focused to Win

  • Obtuso's Fire

    Obtuso’s Fire

  • Always Lucky

    Always Lucky

  • Tallula the Star

    Tallula the Star

  • Dressage Partners

    Dressage Partners

  • The Lusitano Danzador

    The Lusitano Danzidor

  • Gentle Power

    Gentle Power

  • The Lady Fair

    The Lady Fair

  • Rhiannon - the Water Horse

    Rhiannon – the Water Horse

  • Not Quite Sure

    Not Quite Sure

  • Portrait of Verona

    Portrait of Verona

  • Giving It Some Thought

    Giving It Some Thought

  • Remarkable Indy

    Remarkable Indy

  • Splish Splash

    Splish Splash

  • The Blue Roan -- Blue

    The Blue Roan — Blue

  • Arabian Spirit

    Arabian Spirit

  • Arabian Classic

    Arabian Classic